We are flâneurs in and between graphic design cultures. We want to resist cultural centrisms, as well as arbitrariness and egalitarianism. We respect synthesis, but we pursue resonance. We’re trying to move past preconceptions and focus on collecting new experiences. And we hope to find a common platform for these exchanges.

Inter Graphic View is about transcending, expanding, and enhancing graphic design languages—visual languages as well as the applied languages in graphic design discourse.
Inter Graphic View is about developing a polyglot, translational intelligence that enables us to step outside of ourselves and engage with alternative contexts.
Inter Graphic View is about resisting identitarian isolation and its antithesis—omnipresent uniformity.
Inter Graphic View collects interviews with graphic designers from around the world and lists the collection’s core notions and their derivations. Inter Graphic View displays commentary by guest authors on particular works and on some of the listed notions. In addition, Inter Graphic View offers essayistic short films about the cities where we met our dialog partners.
Inter Graphic View is a journey that has just begun.

Inter Graphic View is a research project initiated in 2015 by Ingo Offermanns, Prof. for Graphic Design at University of Fine Arts of Hamburg (HFBK), in the context of Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU).  In 2017 Tetsuya Goto, Prof. for Cultural Design at Kindai University, Osaka, joiend the project as co-editor.

Initiator and concept:
Ingo Offermanns

Editors in chief:
Ingo Offermanns
Tetsuya Goto

Editorial assistant:
Saki Ho
Lea Sievertsen

With contributions by:
Ingo Offermanns
Kiyonori Muroga
Xiao Mage
Vorathit (Tap) Kruavanichkit
Kwangchul Kim
Saki Ho
Tetsuya Goto
Min Choi

Project support:
Beate Anspach

Special thanks to:
Andreas Schlaegel
Juliet van Rosendaal
Caspar Reus
Marlborough Galleries London
Tina Ladwig
Axel Dürkop
Design and concept website:
David Liebermann

Essayistic short films:
Shuchang Xie

Shuchang Xie
Edward Greiner

Design PDFs and film graphics:
Max Prediger

Video clips (social media):
Edward Greiner

Translation and copy editing:
Katie Bruton (with support ofAstrid Herbold)

Roman Fischer

Maintenance website:
Claudia Koch

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Tetsuya Goto, Osaka, 2016
Vorathit (Tap) Kruavanichkit, Bangkok, 2016
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Su Fei (right) and Ingo Offermanns (left), Beijing, 2016
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Under the Radar: Underground Zines and Self-Publications 1965 – 1975
Under the Radar: Underground Zines and Self-Publications 1965 – 1975
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