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We are a multicultural trio! Our heritage is Egyptian, Iraqi, Emirati, and Iranian. We are constantly trying to learn more about our heritage and find literature that does not correspond to the Western canon. That has been a challenge, and will likely be a life-long pursuit.   Hala Al-Ani (Mobius Studio)

We thrive in places that have a sense of camaraderie and try to avoid places that promote individualism.  We agree 100% on this. This is a Eurocentric thing, and there is a reason for us growing up with English being the main focus in our classrooms. From the onset, we’ve been exposed to a Western education. Back then (and now still), speaking good English is a sign of prestige. But we feel that we are at a loss. We wish we could go back and focus more on our mother tongue. It is a shame. Literally, we feel embarrassed that it is so difficult for us to conduct a full conversation in Arabic. In university, we didn’t have access to Arabic typography. Can you imagine?  Hala Al-Ani (Mobius Studio)

We would encourage designers to research more about their roots rather than rely on their Eurocentric education.  Hala Al-Ani (Mobius Studio)

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