Graphic Design

I do regard graphic culture as a fundamental human activity—a basic form of human interaction. And I’m certainly not just talking about printmaking, but about any form of visual coding, like signs, traces, and so on. My interest lies in the cultural scale of graphics, more than professional graphic design. Kiyonori Muroga

Graphic design is a very intermediate thing. It only exists between the sender and recipient. In my opinion, it touches both the symptoms and the causes [of communication]. Kiyonori Muroga

In my opinion, a good designer should have a sense for language. If a designer can write good texts, he or she is most likely a good designer. Kiyonori Muroga

Graphic design seems very dependent on the individual talent of a graphic designer rather than relying on its system. That is to say, graphic design is a world of human scale, which fascinates me the most. Kwangchul Kim

I am one of the ones concerned about the over-elitisized part in graphic design. I think graphic design should be more democratized. Design should consider the people who are uneducated and be able to mediate to a broader public. Kwangchul Kim

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